Blue Rocks 25th Anniversary team vote-relief pitchers

It’s back to voting for the Wilmington Blue Rocks 25th Anniversary team. Today we look at relief pitcher candidates, the final vote for players. You can choose two from the below list and remember to vote in the comments section.


  • Jeff Smith (1993-1994): Across two seasons in Wilmington, he racked up the most career saves in Blue Rocks history (37). His 24 saves in 1993 is tied for third most in a single season. In 1994 (his final season of professional baseball), Smith walked just five compared to 48 strikeouts in 50 innings.
  • Pat Flury (1995-1996): He combined with Jose Rosado for the Blue Rocks first no-hitter on April 15, 1995. In 1996, Flury was 7-2 with a 1.92 ERA in 45 games with 29 walks and 47 strikeouts in 84.1 innings.
  • Steve Prihoda (1996): The Carolina League All-Star led the league in saves with 25. That is tops for a Blue Rock in a single season. In 47 games (40 times he finished the game), Prihoda had a 1.47 ERA with 89 strikeouts in 79.1 innings.
  • Brandon Baird (1998): He retired after the 1998 season, despite going 6-2 with a 3.05 ERA in 54 games. Baird walked 29 and struck out 59 in 56 innings.
  • Orber Moreno (1998, 2001): An All-Star in 1998, Moreno had the longest hitless inning streak in Blue Rocks history (13.1 innings). In 23 games in 1998 with the Blue Rocks, he had a miniscule 0.82 ERA with 50 strikeouts compared to just ten walks in 33 innings.
  • Mike James (2005-2006): He led the Carolina League in saves in 2006 with 25, which tied Prihoda for most saves in a single season. In his two seasons combined in Wilmington, James has the second most saves all-time (28). An All-Star in 2006, he had a 1.81 ERA in 48 games with 51 strikeouts compared to just 19 walks in 49.2 innings.
  • Mark Peterson (2014): An All-Star, he led the Carolina League in saves with 22 (despite being promoted at the end of July). In 33 games, Peterson had a 1.31 ERA with 32 strikeouts compared to 12 walks in 41.1 innings.
  • Yender Caramo (2014-2015): In two seasons, Caramo racked up 193.2 innings with 14 starts mixed into his 65 games. He had a 3.30 ERA with 99 strikeouts compared to just 25 walks combined across the two years.




*Stay tuned tomorrow for the final vote for the Blue Rocks 25th Anniversary team: the manager. You can vote for all of the players up until tomorrow night at midnight.


About Jen Nevius

I first became a KC Royals fan way back in 1995 when I attended my first Wilmington Blue Rocks game. I fell in love with minor league baseball then and began following the Royals as former Blue Rocks clawed their way to the big leagues. 3+ years ago I started covering the Royals for Aerys Sports, but since the site has been shut down, I am going out on my own.
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7 Responses to Blue Rocks 25th Anniversary team vote-relief pitchers

  1. Donna Peterson says:

    Mark Peterson

  2. Morgan Peterson says:

    Peterson & Caramo

  3. Mark Jordan says:

    Do not know much about relievers, so am going with Mark Peterson and Orber Moreno

  4. Ralph Peterson says:

    Mark Peterson and Steve Prihoda.

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