ABL Week 2 Recap

Since the Arizona Fall League season has come to an end, I have decided to split up my winter league recap. Since the Australian Baseball League games are only played on the weekends, that seemed like the logical choice to move to Mondays.

Australian_Baseball_League_(2010ā€“11_emblem)After going 3-1 in the first week, the Melbourne Aces went 1-3 this week at Adelaide. The Aces are now 4-4 overall (tied for second place).

All four KC Royals position players played in all four games for the Aces (free agent reliever Peter Moylan has yet to pitch).

Let’s start with Aces leadoff hitter Cody Jones. He played some right field (two games) along with center field. Jones went 3-for-16 with his third stolen base.

Left fielder Roman Collins batted third for the Aces over the weekend. He went 3-for-14 with two runs scored and three strikeouts. Collins threw a runner out at the plate on Saturday and stole his second base.

Catcher Allan de San Miguel batted cleanup over the weekend while catching three games and being the DH in one. He went 4-for-14 with two runs scored. He stole his first base on Saturday. On Sunday, de San Miguel committed his first error.

Third baseman Ryan Dale continues to bat eighth for the Aces. He went 1-for-13 with four strikeouts. He stole his first base on Sunday. However, Dale committed three errors (in two games).



The Aces will now head to Brisbane to play the Bandits beginning on Friday.


About Jen Nevius

I first became a KC Royals fan way back in 1995 when I attended my first Wilmington Blue Rocks game. I fell in love with minor league baseball then and began following the Royals as former Blue Rocks clawed their way to the big leagues. 3+ years ago I started covering the Royals for Aerys Sports, but since the site has been shut down, I am going out on my own.
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