In need of a break

I can’t remember a time when baseball wasn’t a part of my life. It got me through some tough times, like high school, parts of college, a crappy retail job, and losing loved ones.

But I think I have fallen out of love with the game. Or maybe the game doesn’t love me anymore. Who knows?

So I need to walk away and clear my head and figure this all out. Hopefully baseball and I can make up.


For those of you who follow this site for my Royals minor league updates, my Wilmington Blue Rocks coverage, or my overall baseball ramblings, I apologize. I thank you for following along. It means so much that someone out there is reading what I write. And to those I have met along the way, it has been great getting to know you, even if it is only through social media.

I want to thank the Blue Rocks, especially John Sadak, who let this shy girl start out on this sports writing journey before he moved on to Scranton, and now Matt Janus, who continues to let me plug along even though I’m not very good at it. Thank you for always making me feel welcome.

I don’t know how long I’ll be away from the game. I just have some things to figure out.


About Jen Nevius

I first became a KC Royals fan way back in 1995 when I attended my first Wilmington Blue Rocks game. I fell in love with minor league baseball then and began following the Royals as former Blue Rocks clawed their way to the big leagues. 3+ years ago I started covering the Royals for Aerys Sports, but since the site has been shut down, I am going out on my own.
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6 Responses to In need of a break

  1. Brad Pounders says:

    Jen, Hope all is well with you. I have never met you but I feel like we have been friends as long as my son has been with the Royals. I have been reading your blog every day for several years. It is typically the best minor league coverage we get on the Royals players. Very sad to see you go, but hope this is a good move for you in the long run. I wish you well in whatever life has in store for you. I will miss waking up each morning and grabbing the iPad to read “Drinking the Royals Blue Aid”.

    • Jen Nevius says:

      Mr. Pounders, Your words truly mean a lot to me. I thank you for allowing me and my words into your life each day.

      Covering Brooks has been a pleasure and he was always gracious in taking time out to answer my questions. You truly raised him well and I was thrilled to see him (as I’m sure you were too) make his much deserved big league debut last night (I couldn’t miss that!)

      I’m not sure what life has in store, but hopefully I’ll be back and you’ll have something to read each morning. Let Brooks know I’ll still be following his career and cheering him on. I wish all of you well.

  2. Dawn Edwards says:

    I truly hope it’s just a short break and hope the love comes bubbling back. I agree with Mr. Pounders regarding the coverage of our kids / players. Good luck and hope to be reading your posts soon.
    Dawn Edwards

    • Jen Nevius says:

      Ms. Edwards, Thank you for your kind awards. Your kids/the players are what made this decision a tough one because they accepted me and were always open to answering questions. They made the gig enjoyable. I hope to get back and give them the coverage they deserve.

  3. Paul Monaghan Jr. says:

    Jen, I really enjoy your blog. Kevin McCarthy is a first cousin of mine. i am 45, that gives you a sense of how big our family is, and how many others in our family follow your blog. Definitely take a break, but I hope you come back. Your write-ups are way better than the official press releases. When I miss a game I look to your site first. -Paul

    • Jen Nevius says:

      Thanks so much Paul and let your family know how much I appreciate them following along. I hope to be back and will be bugging Kevin for an interview. Maybe he’ll be in the big leagues by then!

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